Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Back to School-

 I, like most of you, want to make a lunch my kid will eat and that is healthy. I don't want high Fructose Corn Syrup or a million grams of sugar. I do want to know that they are not throwing a way what I paid good money for.

So here are some of my favorites for this school year for the lunch box. Theses have been tested by Airborne, the pickiest eater west of Santa Fe.

 CowWow is a milk drink that was initially marketed towards young children and moms. It was planned to be a great drink to pop in the diaper bag and calm little bratty babies. In reality CowWow has become quite the opposite, the brand has began to pop on different college campuses. College is a time where grabbing a quick snack or a drink in between classes may be the only way to feed your hunger. Especially with early morning classes, breakfast may be nearly impossible. Now breakfast can come with you to class thanks to CowWow. With only 6 grams of added sugar, it is made with low-fat, organic milk and contains nine essential vitamins and nutrients. This can help in college by ensuring the proper nutrition.

Nutrition is at the heart of Nature’s Child & Sunny Yummy product range
Nature’s Child Pudd’n Pouches, the alternative to fruit pouches
Launched in 2012 and made from natural ingredients, with real milk & protein, Nature’s Child Pudd’n PouchesTM were the first squeezable dairy pudding product of its kind. High-quality, delicious and convenient, the puddings are available in 3 flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate and Banana). The product never uses artificial colors or flavors, contains no empty calories, and never contains corn syrup.

With an average retail price of $3.50, Nature’s ChildTM enjoys nationwide distribution, both in-store (Albertsons So Cal, HEB, Kroger, Meijer, Publix, Target, Walmart & online (

POPCORN- There are several that I like for the kids lunches

Skinny POP
Boom Chicka Pop
Pirate Booty

All of these are way better than chips and the kids love them. Especially the Pirates Booty

So there you have it. Shelf stable snacks for the lunch box.

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September Event To Attract
 Quarter Of A Million Car Aficionados
And 2,000 Vintage Autos
For Three Days Of Live Music, Entertainment, Food And
 Milestone 50th Anniversary Celebrations Of Iconic Mustang and GTO 

  Classic car lovers from throughout the U.S. and around the world are revving up for this year’s   

Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion <> , September 19-21 with thousands of vintage automobiles, colorful high octane vendors and three days of food, live music and entertainment, and spectacular 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the iconic Mustang and GTO

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Things to Do As A Family When Visiting Bristol in the UK

Bristol is a busy city with plenty of fun things to do. Just about anybody can have a fantastic time here - but families love it in particular! It has a vast history including pirates (sure to get the kids excited), and you’ll find many great things to do together. Here are some things you can enjoy as a family:

Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo is loved by adults and children alike. You can do so much there - more than just browse the hundreds of animals. You can learn so much as you make your way around the 12 acres of garden. It’s definitely one of the best days out in Bristol! You could easily spend the whole day here,

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar- Giveaway

 Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman (“Million Dollar Baby,” “Dolphin Tale”) narrates the IMAX® 3D documentary “Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar,” the incredible true story of nature’s greatest explorers—lemurs. The film reunites Freeman with Drew Fellman, who also wrote and produced the 2011 IMAX 3D documentary “Born To Be Wild 3D,” and director/cinematographer David Douglas, who was the director of

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blue Dolphin Inn’s Coastal Wine Package

Blue Dolphin Inn’s Coastal Wine Package
Offers a Crush-Worthy Blend of Beach & Bordeaux
Fall offering brings guests to Cambria’s beautiful beachfront and Paso’s famed vineyards
CAMBRIA, CA (August 13, 2014) – This fall, find a coastal escape with “legs” when you book Blue Dolphin Inn’s Coastal Wine Package – a seasonal offering that brings guests full-bodied fun with premier oceanfront accommodations in Cambria, CA, and the palate pleasures of the famed Paso Robles wine region.
                Available September 1 through November 30, 2014 (some blackout dates apply), the package lets guests “wine down” at the peaceful and luxurious Blue Dolphin Inn, situated along Cambria’s pristine Moonstone Beach coastline, where they’ll enjoy fabulous views, typically temperate fall weather, free gourmet “to-go” breakfast daily, and a complimentary in-room bottle of wine.
                The sensory adventure continues with a short and scenic drive to Paso Robles wine country, courtesy of The Wine Wrangler, which will provide a comprehensive wine tasting tour of some of the reputed region’s most acclaimed vineyards.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Calling All Bloggers

ESSIO Aromatherapy Shower Giveaway: First 100 Bloggers Get a Free Sample

Essio Shower Blogger Giveaway

ESSIO is the greatest thing to happen to showers since running water itself. It clips onto any shower and diffuses 100% organic essential oils into the shower water at the perfect rate, rejuvenating the mind and body.

Want to Try It?

We are looking for awesome bloggers to review our product for our upcoming October giveaway. Simply click the button below to request your kit. The first 100 bloggers to sign up and also promote this giveaway announcement on their blog will be sent a free sample!
Sign Up Now!
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Del Frisco's Grilleat Irvine Spectrum- Foodie Friday

I had the wonderful opportunity to eat at Del Frisco's Grille in  the Irvine Spectrum with my Foodie Pal Rachel from Montreal Canada. A couple of things I need to tell you right off about Del Frisco's Grille. If you are wondering if it is associated with Del Frisco's in Las Vegas, yes it is. This is just a casual version of the fine dinning you can experience in Vegas. Second, you have to try the VIP. This Martini is the best Martini bar none that I have ever had anywhere.  I have had a drink or two in my time, this VIP is a destination drink. It is worth going to Del Frsico's just for this drink. If you are smart you will stay through dessert.

To make the VIP they take sweet Hawaiian pineapple and soak in Svedka Clementine Vodka for two weeks. they then squeeze it through a cheese cloth into you glass. No one else makes this phenomenal  piece of art in a glass. Don't miss it.

With your VIP may I suggest that you order some appetizers. The Ahi Tacos and maybe the Cheese Steak

egg rolls. The Ahi tacos are, for those of us who love Ahi, I little bite of heaven in your mouth. The Ahi is perfectly balanced between the creaminess of the avocado and the spice of the sauce that is drizzled on top. Or maybe try the Cheese Steak

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Its a Dirty Job

 I know it is something I would rather not ever do again. And yet everyday it seems there is more of it for me. What am I talking about? Laundry of course.

I really don't like doing laundry so anytime I can find something that makes my laundry experience better I want to share it. I have been a Woolite girl since I started wearing a bra. When I began wearing a bra I noticed that Woolite was way more gentle on my delicate things that plain old detergent.
And as long as I have lived on my own
I have had a bottle of Woolite in my laundry area. I used it for my unmentionables, silk blouses and my sweaters. Nothing takes care of my delicate clothes like woolite. As I had children and they vomited on my silk blouses Woolite came to my resuce.

So recently I discovered Woolite Dark and Woolite Everyday. I know your kids outgrow their clothes almost before they have worn them. This is not for
them. This is for you. You know you have been wearing the same yoga pants for 3 years. Woolite Dark will help keep them looking new and staying black. I use Woolite everyday on all my clothes. I don't buy new clothes all that often and when I do they are expensive. Woolite everyday is an investment in making my clothes look better longer and last longer.

Sorry, I have not found a product that will fold the laundry once it is finished in the dryer.  Believe you me, if there was such a product I would be buying it.

But I do have a secret for not having to iron. Have you tried Downy wrinkle release Plus? I love this stuff! I keep a sample in the car, I pack it when we go on vacation, and I use the big bottle daily when getting my shirts and pants to look good. I hate to iron. Downy Wrinkle Release
Plus keeps the iron away more than you would believe. Even with sweaters. All you do ius spray your garment, lay flat and smooth away the wrinkles with your hands. BOOM all done and no iron.

So those are my little secrets to making my clothes look good for a long time with minimal effort.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrate Fall at Calabash Cove With Free Nights

Book 4+ nights at this stunning seaside retreat, and stay an extra night at no additional charge.

St. Lucia, West Indies --- Let those dreams of escaping to beautiful Saint Lucia take flight with special savings at its most charming luxury boutique retreat: Calabash Cove Resort & Spa.

Book four nights at Calabash Cove's standard rates (travel by December 20, 2014) and receive a fifth night's accommodations at no additional charge during your stay at this idyllic retreat, nestled on a lush, tropical hillside sloping gently toward the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Relax in your luxurious accommodations located just steps from-or right on-the beach, featuring private, furnished balconies, Jacuzzis, and views of the dazzling blue Caribbean Sea. Wade into a million gallons of sweet water in our designer pool with an amazing 40-foot infinity edge capturing

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tamale Pie- Its Whats for Dinner

 Being a member of the Band Booster and a local church pot luck is a big part of my life. The problem with pot luck is having stuff on hand that you can whip up easily. The Tamale pie is super easy and mostly comes from my pantry.

So here goes:

You will need
1 pound of ground turkey ( you can use a vegitarian alternative or beef depending on what your family perfers.)

29 oz can of Hominy
16 oz can of tomato sauce
15 oz can of black beans
10 oz can of Rotel (use the mild, medium or hot again as your family perfers)
2 or more cups of sharp cheddar cheese ( we really like cheese so I use A LOT)
36 ct of the 6 in corn tortillas
Black Olives ( as much as you like I use a can of whole and chop them myself)

cayanne pepper

Pre heat your oven to 350 degrees  Farenheight

Brown the  meat in a large skillet. Once the meat is done add the hominy, tomato sauce, black beans, Rotel
and black olives ( chopped)

Optional add cayenne pepper to taste.

 Turn on medium and let simmer while you oil a 9X13 glass dish and lay out the bottom layer of tortillas.

Once you have the first layer of tortillas in place remove the mixture from the stove and pour about half into
the glass dish. level it out, cover with cheese.

Cover the cheese layer with another layer of tortillas. Pour the rest of the mixture into the glass dish on top of the tortillas. cover with cheese and another layer of tortillas.

Cover with cheese and olives. Optional also can garnish with jalapenos. 

Place in preheated oven for 25 minutes


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Chronic Pain & Painkillers: Why You Should Consider Alternatives

Physician Offers 4 Natural Ways to End the Pain
Roughly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain lasting more than six months, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine. Throughout the past decade, the use of painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin has soared by 300 percent. For many – 17,000 people per year, or 46 each day – the treatment is worse than the pain; those are the number of users who die from the medicine, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
For every person who dies from the use of painkillers, 30 more are admitted to emergency rooms due to complications.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Chianina Steak House Long Beach- Foodie Friday

LONG BEACH, CALIF. (Aug. 7, 2014) - Michael's Restaurant Group's Chianina Steakhouse has been serving Long Beach diners the finest cuts of meat, with the exception of its namesake beef, since December 2013. Starting on Tuesday, Aug. 19, Chianina Steakhouse will be one of the few, if not the only, restaurant in the United States to feature Chianina beef on a regular basis. The entire steer will also be used as part of a "Whole Animals" menu at sister restaurants Michael's on Naples and Michael's Pizzeria.

"Our customers have been asking for Chianina since before we opened and I'm happy to say that the wait is over," Chianina Steakhouse Owner Michael Dene proudly exclaims. "Chianina is how steak is meant to taste."

Each month, two whole Chianina steer will be available in a variety of cuts, including a porterhouse cooked Bistecca Fiorentina style. Bistecca Fiorentina is the original Italian way to season a thickly cut, grilled steak with salt and olive oil. Once the month's supply of steaks has ended, it will be reintroduced into the menu on the next month's first Tuesday (Sept. 2, Oct. 7, Nov. 4 and Dec. 2.) As the restaurant's grass-fed herd of cattle continues to grow on an organic ranch in Utah, more steaks will be available per month.